Payments, perfected

Our payments engine and development platform securely tokenizes central bank currency to move value from one user to another in real time, and is ideally suited to transform the global payments infrastructure.

Centralized ledger technology

We anticipate a world in which essential parts of financial services, and specifically payments, will move to distributed ledger technology more commonly known as blockchain. That’s the database technology made famous by its first application, Bitcoin. At its core, nanorail is a ledger, built on a cryptographically secure chain of blocks, owned by a central trusted authority. Our Centralized Ledger Technology (CLT) improves throughput, simplifies governance, and reduces cost with the security of an immutable ledger.


Track, search, analyze

nanorail’s ledger uniquely identifies and tracks each transaction, application, or data change. The data structure is queryable, so the full history of your database is at your fingertips. This makes it easy to see real-time status updates or how your data has changed over time.


Seriously fast

Our Centralized Ledger Technology is incredibly fast, much faster than any decentralized blockchain payments solution. Built with unified features, it is optimized to minimize lag time between operations. With this kind of speed, we are confident that nanorail can reliably scale with your business.

Up to
transactions per second
At least
faster than decentralized blockchain solutions

End-to-end protection

With an immutable ledger that cannot be manipulated, there is no ‘weak link’ in our ledger. All transactions are private, authorized, and indisputable once completed. Plus, we use state-of-the-art cryptography to encrypt all data, not just sensitive data. To put it into perspective, our security far exceeds that of most banks.


Rapid development architecture

nanorail’s unique architecture is made up of three layers: core engine, API, and extensions (applications unique to each product). The core engine is made up of generic elements that are used across products. The simplicity and reusability of this design means we are able to implement platform-wide changes in near real time.

automated development


Technology changes can seem daunting and expensive, but they don’t have to be. Here’s a few ways we make integration easy.

API access

nanorail is accessible through customizable APIs supported by detailed documentation

Individualized approach

We work 1:1 with you to understand your payment needs and current infrastructure to determine a customized integration approach

Test environments

We offer sandbox and live production environments, so code can be properly tested and vetted before it’s implemented

Multiple file formats

Our system uses JSON, XML, Javascript and many more, so whatever format your system uses–we support it

Deployment options

Our technology can be deployed either in cloud or on premise, offering flexible options for your business

Technical expertise

We have a team of implementation consultants and technical experts that manage each deployment, so you are in good hands

Built on nanorail

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