Liquidity that’s truly liquid

Real-time cash and liquidity management. For the first time, organizations can create an ideal account hierarchy, and release trapped capital through instant, intercompany transactions.

Next-generation liquidity management

Liquid’s state-of-the-art Virtual Account Management platform enables your bank and your corporate clients to rationalize the majority of physical bank accounts. Transact instantly via the virtual sub-ledger, and view cash positions across all entities using the intuitive dashboard.

Internal treasury

Manage internal payments across all business units and global entities from one platform. Benefit from real-time transactions, with instant, global visibility.

White-label for corporates

Retain your top corporate clients, generate new revenue, position yourself as the primary liquidity bank and become a global thought leader in liquidity management.

Unlock trapped capital

It’s time to do more with your money. With current information on cash positions across entities, Liquid provides the opportunity to free trapped capital and invest excess funds.

Beyond traditional liquidity

In addition to the traditional liquidity mechanisms (ie. physical sweeping, pooling and netting), Liquid offers configurable real-time or scheduled sweeping. With instant alerts and notifications, you can make better decisions with up-to-date information.

Liquid also offers intercompany loan management, so the parent company can loan funds to its subsidiaries. Simply set the terms and Liquid calculates the interest and payment amounts. Intercompany lending has never been this easy.

Define your ideal structure

Take liquidity management into your own hands. Liquid enables both your bank and your corporate clients to define an ideal account hierarchy structure without the time and cost of opening and closing physical accounts. Our self-service platform offers the flexibility to create virtual accounts across currencies, entities and even countries.


Take liquidity management to the next level.

Simplify reconciliation

Eliminate the need to reconcile rejected transactions within a batch file, as each transaction clears and settles instantly

Multi-currency platform

Manage foreign exchange rates and reduce foreign exchange risk by instantly trading digital fiat in any currency

Regulatory management

Fulfill regulatory requests with ease, as each transaction made through the platform is tracked and irrevocable

Centralize operations

Consolidate treasury functions on a single platform with the ability to assign administrative roles

Lower fees

Rationalize the number of physical accounts to reduce transaction fees, account maintenance fees, and other bank fees

Bank-grade security

Protect important information using the same industry-leading technology and processes that banks use


Build your own real-time rail

Construct a next-generation, real-time rail. Enable instant cross-border, cross-currency transactions between yourself, your corporate clients, and other organizations on the rail. Stop relying on traditional infrastructure and say goodbye to correspondent banking.

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